Hello there!

Call me Oniric Allure! I've been wearing lolita fashion and related fashions since 2005 or 2006. I like most styles and have worn almost all of them at least once, but my favorites are the so-called sweet classical, non-OTT sweet and "casual lolita". As you may guess, most of this site of mine focuses on this hobby, though I also intend to post other cute/fairytale inspired outfits and items because that's a big part of my fashion sense. I'm also very into otome-kei, somewhat into mori-inspired outfits and I quite like sweet, retro clothes.

Other interests include dolls, funko pops, mascots such as de ones from San-X, fiction, comics and graphic novels, visual novels, Animal Crossing, old shoujo manga, some current manga, fairytales, folklore, kitsch stuff and binge-watching weird TV shows. I used to be more into fandoms than I am now, but I'll always be a nerdy fangirl. I love musicals, even though I'm not as knowleadgeable as I'd like to be as I live far, far away from where anything musical-related happens. I love fantasy, magical realism and sci-fi, but my biggest soft spot is reserved for murder mysteries.

I'm really bad at writing about myself, so I want to answer the 100 questions for Lolita questionnaire as soon as possible to make things clearer. You can find the first 25 on the Blog page.

afternoon/evening person
light sleeper
introverted (INFP)
taurus, moon in aries
prefers being alone
can't swim
19 tattoos
enjoys silence
into druidry and neo-paganism
on the spectrum